Amy Jo Vanden Brink

Music has always had a place in Amy Jo’s life. From the time she started piano lessons at six years old to owning and operating Walters Music studio today, Amy has played and sung in churches, accompanied groups, and been eager to share the joy of music with others.

In addition to private piano lessons, Amy began teaching Music for Young Children (MYC) after graduating from Concordia University with a B.A. (Music) and immediately loved the program for its quality of instruction and fun. She wished she’d been in MYC as a kid!

More than 1000 MYC students (including some of our current teachers!) have learned under Amy Jo. She’s had hundreds of private students take Royal Conservatory Exams too, but she’s still excited every time someone else, young or otherwise, joins us for a part of their musical journey.

Parent Review

Having had three children learn music from Amy Jo, what I appreciate most about her teaching style is her use of humour to always keep things light & fun and her endless patience… with all of us!

Kim M