Our Schedule

Registration is open for all levels. If your child has previous piano experience, please contact us for an assessment so that we can place your student in the correct level.



Do you have a student who is younger and wants to enjoy music? Our Sunrise classes are perfect for 3 year olds who love to sing and move. We are currently offering a Sunday 1:00pm class and a Tuesday 10:30am class, click here to register your little one!

Sunshine 1

(Students must turn 4 in 2024)

Sunday 11:50am
Monday 4:05pm
Tuesday 9:25am
Thursday 12:30pm
Thursday 5:20pm

Sunbeams 1

(for 5 & 6 year old beginners)

Sunday 2:10pm
Monday 4:00pm
Monday 5:10pm
Monday 6:10pm
Tuesday 6:25pm
Tuesday 7:15pm
Friday 4:15pm
Friday 5:20pm
Saturday 3:05pm
Saturday 4:15pm

Moonbeams 1

(for 7 & 8 year old beginners)


Tuesday 4:00pm
Tuesday 5:20pm
Thursday 7:30pm
Saturday 2:05pm

Sunshine 2

(Prerequisite Sunshine 1)

Wed 5:20pm
Thurs 4:00pm
Sat 2:00pm

Sunbeams 2

(Prerequisite Sunbeams 1 or Sunshine 2)

Sun 1:00pm
Mon 5:10pm
Wed 4:00pm
Wed 6:20pm
Thurs 4:15pm
Thurs 6:25pm
Fri 5:10pm
Sat 10:35 am
Sat 3:10pm

Sunbeams 3

(Prerequisite Moonbeams 1 or Sunbeams 2)

Mon 5:05pm
Tues 4:15pm
Tues 5:05 pm
Wed 6:25pm
Thurs 5:05pm
Fri 4:00pm
Fri 6:20pm
Fri 7:30pm
Sat 9:15am
Sat 9:25am
Sat 12:30pm
Sat 1:00pm
Sat 4:10pm

Moonbeams 3

(Prerequisite Moonbeams 2 or Sunbeams 3)

Mon 6:25pm
Tues 6:10pm
Wed 4:15pm
Wed 5:20pm
Wed 7:30pm
Thurs 6:10pm
Fri 6:25pm
Sat 10:20am
Sat 11:25am
Sat 11:45am

Private Lessons

We are currently offering both IN STUDIO lessons, IN-HOME options & ONLINE options as well for age 9+!

Theory Classes

We have Summer Theory 7 classes and Fall Theory 6 and 8 classes available! Please talk to your current studio teacher about whether a Theory Class is right for your student